cabinet of natural curiosities / jasmine dreame wagner

  and printed jacket

  Blue Highways

  St. James Infirmary
  For Sparrow
  Lightning Song
  Blue Highways (mp3)
  The Road
  Green Grass

  Hand-inked case

  Searchlight Needles

  Little Ice Age
  For Sparrow (mp3)
  Fabulist Decay
  Black Water
  Owllullaby (mp3)

  Hand-inked case


  Glass v Grass

  Glass vs
  The Grass

  This 2-song, 19-minute CD-R comes with
   a small, photocopied insert of drawings.

  Hand-sewn case



  Calico (Outside)
  On The Coast
  Sailing Seasick (mp3)
  Bees Over Seas
  Calico (Inside)
  The Glass Essay
  Towing & Melting

  Hand-sewn case


  Black Bough

  Calico (Inside)
  Sailing Seasick
  Bees Over Seas
  Hold Pennsylvania

  Hand-sewn case


  White Wallpaper

  Hail In Allendale
  St. James Infirmary
  Little Fortune
  Fire Over Washington Square



  Black Wolf Dancers Play Galaxy Of No Stars
  Live in Brooklyn November, 2005

  Black Streetlight At West And Oak
  Black Wolf Dancers Play Chariot Of Pale Fire
  Black Hole Son Emerges From The Cosmic
  Black Sailboat Nullaby



  Blue, Blue, Gold, Gold

  Little Boy Blue
  Little Fortune
  These Old Hearts


  Necks of Swans and Ducks (mp3)
  When Sean Hill and Jasmine Dreame Wagner were in Egypt during the winter of 2007, they recorded the
   reverberation of voices, movement, and tones in Khufu's Tomb, the stone room at the center of the Great Pyramid.
   These sounds, along with violin by Jonathan Zalben and Jasmine Landau, are accompanied by a poem based on
   artifacts from the Egyptian Museum. This track will be included in an audiobook of sound, music and poetry, and is
   currently a digital single available on the Pendu Arts & Actions Online Gallery.

Owllullaby Video
  Jasmine and Alex made a video for "Owllullaby." You can watch it right here if you'd like:


  Searchlight Needles, Glass v Grass and Vineland are available from Insound, Eclipse Records,
  Time-Lag, & Tomentosa Records. You can also purchase Searchlight Needles from us, here:

  • Like Badgers and Birds: A Compilation to Support Wikileaks is available, you can purchase the
    Cabinet of Natural Curiosities track "Glass Bottom Boat" here and the album here.
  • The Top Notch - Hits From the Hive Montana compilation LP is available, you can order it from
    Fusetron, Wantage USA, and CDB Records.
  • The Finger 18.2 zine and compilation CD is available, you can request it here or listen here.
  • The Terrascope Tea Party Compilation is available, you can order it here.


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